Are you Feeling Lazy to start blogging for earnning money?

Make any plans to begin blogging then money will follow!

Blogging is very common nowadays. Some have personal choices and just want to make themselves present on the internet. Some have a monetary choice, and they purposely write to make money on the internet.

Those who have a personal choice write about whatever they want, and they find something to write about every day. Writing is fun for them. Some of their write-ups are very informative. The Internet is full of this kind of quality writing in the form of blogs and websites.

What is the difference between a blog and a website, and which is better? In my next blog, I will explain the difference between the two and their benefits for making money.

These people mostly don’t make money from their websites or blogging. Most likely, they don`t care about earning money. For them, voicing their opinions on the internet is most important. They are self-declared internet journalists.

I admire this kind of person personally because they provide free, high-quality information to the world. These are great godly services for the people. Sometimes the information they provide is proven for people who are desperately searching for specific, quality information on the internet.

On the other hand, those who blog or write websites for monetary reasons are also good people because, even if it is in the interest of money, they provide some good quality information. Some of these people earned handsome money and are continuing to do so.

But some are still struggling even after writing so many blogs or website pages. It may be due to multiple reasons.

These reasons may be, either, not obeying the law of SEO or not following a reader-friendly writing style, not having interesting topics; not many informative blogs outdated, etc.

If they start to obey some rules of blogging, they may be successful in earning money.

Are you new to blogging?

If you are new and have heard that blogging is a money-making program, and if you enjoy writing and have knowledge in a specific subject, you can earn plenty of money, but surely you must go for blogging, and you just need to follow the below stuff.

1. Select your niche topic and related domain (the related domain is important because it helps with SEO).

2. Purchases a domain and hosting plan from a popular and reliable hosting company with a lot of free stuff, like Bluehost (I liked it because it gave me a free SSL certificate along with other benefits): If you want to visit Bluehost website, click the button.

3. installed WordPress from their control panel.

4. Now, start writing.

5. Pay attention to obeying some rules of blogging during writing, like understanding what is a reader’s chosen topic, and evergreen topics (which are popular all the time). e, etc.

6. Last but not least, blogging site speed, blogging security, and daily backups are important because any time your blogging website can crash, you should have a daily backup so that your earlier efforts cannot be wasted and you can stand up anytime and continue earning money even after the crash.

Now, Best of Luck!!!

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