Are you thinking that you are not progressing with blogging?

“Now, if You are one of those who want to earn money by writing blogs or pages of websites, But searching on the internet or Google about what to write or think, you don’t have the skill to write. Or don’t have a niche subject, don`t have fresh or unique content, or also be thinking after reading a good blog that Internet earning is for those who are good content writers and have good writing skills.”

What should I say about your thinking?

This is your mind’s judgment or conclusion without any detailed analysis, or this is just your mind’s fear of failure without a start, as any mind usually says at the start but actually, it is not true.

You are not alone in having such negative thoughts.
Some so many people think the same way before starting anything. Many of them found success after their initial struggles. Some of them became failures because they did not try hard or consistently work on their problems and broke after an initial struggle.

Keep reading the blogs of successful moneymakers and applying their suggestions to your blog!

Just stick yourself to this!

You may be aware of the rule of copycat marketing. You have to do the same thing; just follow the path of successful people.

You will succeed!

I know a few friends of mine, and they told me not to write his name. They are earning very good money on the internet and had the worst writing skills, but over some time, they learned to write just communicative English and are earning very good money on their niche topic on the internet.

All of these friends kept these four things in their minds without any confusion:

Faith in himself that he will earn money one day!
Keep reading and following popular blogger advice!
I kept learning how to make popular, reliable, and technically robust blogging!
No frustration, even after initial failure!
Whether you choose to make internet money your primary or secondary source of income, one thing is certain: some people began as a secondary source of income but eventually became primary. They left their job and are now focusing 100% on their blogs. But whatever the mode, take it very seriously. It may be possible; you will be a successful person one day, earning huge money.

All of your blogging issues are psychological, not real!

According to psychologists, “if you feel any problem before starting any work, it is probably a problem.”It is primarily a mental or psychological problem. Not an actual problem; if you start to solve this problem, you will see that the problem vanishes.

To solve this psychological/mind problem, you have to do some fine-tuning and change or shift the pattern of thinking in your mind.

For example,

Initially, everyone has the same thought: “I have to earn money from my blog.

This money-making thought generally makes people puzzle and blocks their creative thinking further.

Because of anything you desire from yourself, your mind starts to say if it is not fulfilled, met, or gets success. Then, what will happen is that all time spent on it will become a waste.

So, a lot of fear of failure thoughts continue to work in the background of your mind, which blocks your creativity and creative thought.

Now, you have to change your thinking!

Sit quietly and observe your mind because it is time to change your thought and focus on another thought pattern. It is not a good thought.

Start saying in your mind that

I will write anything just because I want to give such information to the people. My blog will be a free service to the people. This will be a free service to the world.

This above-mentioned thought pattern will release pressure from you. You will feel easy and comfortable when you become comfortable, and your mind will start thinking about some creative stuff.

So, anything you desire is a negative thought that builds unnecessary negative pressure on you. If you are comfortable, your mind will work excellently on any tough problem.

So, you must train your mind to think in certain ways and do so regularly.

As per psychology, “mind is the best servant.” As you give clear and frequent instructions, your mind will start to think the same way. The moment your mind starts to think about this positive thought, you will feel lighter and more creative.

Your creativity is more important for blogging.

This is the first thing you have to do: change or shift your focus from money-earning thoughts to blogging to taccessibleee knowledge delivery to the people by blogging.

Now your second problem is,

Unique and fresh content or niche topic!

How do I create this unique, fresh, and niche topic?

You are thinking, I don’t have knowledge or such skills.

To solve this problem, I would explain below:

Nowadays, a lot of people are searching the internet for almost everything.

You are one of them. Nothing extraordinary, but once you decide that you want to make your presence known Ernest, presence on the internet. This is extraordinary.

Why? Because you have decided to post a fresh and unique idea on the internet.

I am not describing people who just copy and paste. Anyway, this guy generally doesn’t get any popularity or success in the long run.

Here, I give more clarification about “unique and fresh.”

What is it?

It is referred to as a niche in the internet world.

I, too, write on the internet, as do the majority of writers. Most of the time, I find that most guys write on the same topic without copying and pasting and still gain popularity and even large sums of money, but we still say they are fresh and unique, and they have niche content.

Here, we have to understand one thing: information that is not available on the internet or that has not been researched yet if people write such things.

This is very useful in people’s lives. This information is unique and fresh.

but the iteh is already available on the internet, but most people write the same thinrepeatedlyin, but with different styles of words that are also unique and fresh!

Why? Because most well-known authors write about the same thing but in different ways, most likely on the same subject but in a simpler manner. This also helps people understand the same topicAsas a college student, I used to purchase books from different authors on the same topic.

Why is this important? Because different authors write about the same topic in different ways.

People behave similarly when blogging on the internet.

The majority of people write or blog about the same thing, but in different ways.

and the majority of readers are looking for the same thing,

They search for the same topic but with different writers just to understand the topic easily.

So in the internet world, it is called a niche topic.

Also, call for fresh and unique content. Search engines like this type of content and can index it in their engines very easily. Blogs get traffic!

Very easy!!!

So, when you think you don’t have any topics to write about,

Please don’t be frustrated; simply read your chosen topic and consider whether you can write the same thing in your own words in a different way without copying.

Most and all people can do it.

Because every person can speak the same thing but in their language.

if you can express yourself differently.

So you can write the same thing differently, even more simply, to help others understand this topic.

Now another problem with writing skills:

Yes, here you should be able to have writing skills even if you think you don’t have them. Just start writing like a child starts walking for the first time!

and he makes so many mistakes, but one day they stand up correctly and walk very easily.

You have to do it like this. One day, you will be equipped to write a good blog.

I have to specify here that most people have writing skills, but since their minds are negative, they don’t believe that they are really capable.

So simply examine your mind to see if it is engulfed in negative thoughts.

In one of the scripture seminars, I heard that every person is capable of everything; they have to just remember that they can do it if they believe in themselves.

Then people start doing it.

So, you can do it and start writing; just believe in yourself and just start writing on any specific topic.

Chant with full attention 21 times!

You can write… You can write the same way 21 times.

You will start to say that you can write.

So now you are equipped to write your first blog.

Best of luck with your first great blog!

In the summary, If you desire to earn money on the internet, particularly through blogging,

You have to start writing by taking baby steps, even if you don’t have writing skills.

If you think you don’t have any unique and fresh content, you have the desire. Simply go to the internet and search for your desired topic, read it thoroughly, and then ask yourself if you can write about the same topic in different ways or in a simpler way so that the user can understand it easily.

Your mind will say you can. Then just start writing and keep motivating yourself till you finish it.

Thank you!

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