How To Write An Amazing Blog Post As A Beginner

You just launched your blog a month ago, and you have already posted a handful of blog posts. You’re getting no feedback and are unsure of what you need to do to begin growing your blog. You need to learn how to write an amazing blog post to grab your reader’s attention!

Let’s take some time today and learn how to do that, shall we? WE SHALL!

You might think that to write an amazing blog post, you have to be an amazing writer. To be honest, this is far from true. If you are passionate about what you are sharing with your readers, and if you take the time to help them with their problems, you’ll easily be able to write amazing blog posts as a beginner!

There are 10 steps that I am going to break down for you today. These 10 steps will help you create an amazing blog post every time you sit down and write.

  1. Outline your post.
  2. Keyword research
  3. Write a lengthy post.
  4. Use relevant photos.
  5. Include multiple links to other posts.
  6. Create and add a pinnable image
  7. Include an opt-in form.
  8. Include appropriate affiliate links.
  9. Spell-check like crazy.
  10. Make your post shareable.

Now that I’ve broken down how to write an amazing blog post, let’s talk a little bit more about each step.

Pin this for later because I’m going to share a lot of different resources for you to use later on!

Ready to Start Writing an Amazing Blog Post?

Are you seated at your laptop and ready to write some amazing content? Let’s break down the major tasks you need to complete to reach this goal!

I will break down the 10 steps I listed above for you, so skim this post and read what you need to know a little more about.

1. Outline Your Post

Think back to when you were in English class, whether it was in high school or even middle school. Do you remember how your teachers would ask you to submit a draft or outline before you turned in any of the papers that you were assigned?

Your teacher wasn’t trying to create extra work for you. They were simply trying to help you be as organized as possible when it comes to your writing assignment.

The same goes for writing a blog post. If you outline your post, you’re helping yourself with a couple of different things. For one, you’re not guessing about what you plan to talk about once you start your post. For two, you save a lot of time by writing a quick outline and then, later on, elaborating on each point that you wrote down.

Shhh…  Keep this a secret, but, nine times out of ten, I write my outlines on my phone.

I can’t spend all day on my laptop with my children being home, and I don’t always have my laptop with me when I come up with a post idea. So I keep an ongoing post list on my phone, and I draw out my outlines on my phone until I’m able to be on my laptop.

2. Keyword Research

When writing a blog post, you want to try to rank for keywords that go along with your niche on Google.  By conducting keyword research, Google or any other search engine can place you in the appropriate reader category.

Aside from Google, I also aim to rank on Pinterest. Pinterest is a huge asset when it comes to bloggers.

Keyword research on Pinterest is extremely easy! Type what you want to search for in the search bar, and let Pinterest do the rest. A list of words that others are searching for on Pinterest will appear below what you entered into the search bar. These words will be about what you’re writing about. These are your keywords!

Please remember: I’m no keyword research pro. This is something I want to continue to learn as I go on!

When it comes to using research tools, my favorite is Keyword Surfer. This extension is free to use. Once installed, every time you search for something on Google, it’ll tell you what the search volume is! It’s super useful.

3. Write a Lengthy Post

I talk about writing long posts in many of my posts because this is a very important aspect of writing an amazing blog post.

When writing your actual post, you need to remember a few things.

Write about what your reader came to learn about. It’s easy to write about many different things and not stay on one particular subject. But this isn’t the way to get your reader to stay on your site and keep reading. The more resourceful a post is, the better.

Shoot for 1000+ words. If you are passionate about what you are writing about and you know a lot about the subject, you’ll soon see that it’s so easy to write that many words plus more! Believe it or not, I’m already almost at 1,000 words in this post, and I’m not nearly halfway finished yet!

Resources + 1000 words (at least) = an amazing blog post.

Not every blog post needs to be extra long, but it’s not a bad habit to try shooting for this word range or even more.

4. Use Relevant Photos

Using appropriate photos in each of your posts helps to break up your posts!

Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words, right? So add in those pictures, friend!

Maybe you’re wondering where you can get stock photos from.

I depend on Canva Pro a lot.

When you sign up for Canva Pro, you are given access to over one million photos to use on your blog and in your posts. Along with photos, Canva Pro is great for designing logos and graphics, offers freebies, and has hundreds of templates for you to customize!

For under $15 a month, I promise it’s worth it!

Quick Tip: Make sure to include alt tags for all of the images that you include in your post! This is so that search engines have a text alternative for finding your post or image.

5. Link Back To Other Posts

By adding links back to other blog posts, you encourage your reader to stay on your blog longer and explore. If you talk about something that is related to your current blog post, link back to it.

I would recommend linking back to at least two of your posts in every new post.  I have attached two of my posts so far!

If you talk about another website or know of another blogger that can further explain what you are talking about, link back to them!

So far, I’ve linked to the following posts:

Keyword Surfer (a free keyword research tool)

6. Create and Add a Pinnable Image

Guess what, guys? Here is where Canva Pro becomes resourceful again!

Being that Pinterest is such a great way to promote your blog posts, you want to include a pin that is pinnable for your readers.

What does this mean?  EASY!  Create a vertical pin and make sure to tell your readers what they are reading about so if they do decide to pin it for later or share it with others, it’s clear to ALL READERS what your post is about.

When I started blogging, I subscribed to Carly’s Pinterest template membership. Every month, she sends you customizable pins for Canva (you do not need Canva Pro for this) and also for PicMonkey, which is another photo editing service.

7. Include An Opt-in Form

By including an opt-in form in all of your posts, you’re giving your readers a way to subscribe to your blog and keep following what you share with the world.

If you look at the bottom of my blog post (all of them, actually), you will see a form where I allow my readers to subscribe to my blog to stay up to date on what I post. I also included a form at the beginning of the post where I offered free blogging schedules!

For opt-in forms, I use ConvertKit. They are very easy to use (I started with Mailerlite and recently switched to ConvertKit). They are affordable, and they make email sequences and opt-ins very easy to create for beginner bloggers.

8. Include Affiliate Links Where Appropriate

Why on earth would you ever do this? LOL!

Well, if you joined the blogging world to make some money, affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make an income. If you’re not sharing your affiliate links with your readers, you won’t be making any money.

Above, I shared a few affiliate links with you as I am obsessed with the products that I use on my blog and hope to be able to help my readers find that same obsession!

A quick tip: Don’t forget to add affiliate disclaimers in your post if you will be using affiliate links!

9. Spell Check… And then spell-check again.

Did you hear me when I said it the first time? Spell check… and then spell check again!

This is so beyond important when you are done writing your amazing blog post. If you go to a website and they have spelling or grammar errors all over, are you going to trust what they are telling you about?

Probably not!   It looks unprofessional when things aren’t spelled or written properly.

This is where Grammarly comes in. Grammarly checks for grammatical errors as well as spelling errors as you type! I used to proofread everything myself, but Grammarly has saved me a lot of time.

After I proofread with Grammarly and my own eyes, I also send my blog over to a close friend, and she proofreads it one more time! Get you a blogging buddy; it’s great! She is a mom like myself and runs her blog as well (a Christian mom blog)!

10. Make your post shareable.

YOU COMPLETED YOUR POST! Do a little happy dance now!

There’s just one final step left to complete before you’re ready to hit publish. Make sure to include share buttons throughout your post!

Many plugins make it easy for others to share your post.

One of my favorites is Tasty Pins. This plugin not only allows you to optimize your images for SEO purposes, but it also generates a Pinterest share button that hovers over any of your photos for easy sharing!

The other plugin that I also use on my blogs is Social Warfare. This plugin adds share buttons to your posts (wherever you would like) and keeps your page looking neat. It also allows you to show how many shares your post has gotten, and sometimes readers will read your content if they see it’s a popular read!

You Now Have An Amazing Blog Post!

Did you just write an amazing blog post? Give yourself a pat on the back because creating great content is no easy task!

If you implemented these tasks into your work, I have no doubt that you are now able to write an amazing blog post!

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